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Menopause Whilst Black

Oct 26, 2020

Oh just two black UK based women in their fifties talking about menopause. No biggie!

First episode! Fashion Creative and Embracer of Life, Karen Arthur chats with Women's Health and Hormone Coach, Personal Trainer and co-author Pamela Windle about grief, Lockdown, Black Lives Matter and how her radical approach to self care helped her heal from a debilitating illness. Pamela shares her extraordinary journey to wellness and all the bits in between. Her Jamaican parents chance meeting on their move to the UK in the 60s and her mothers no nonsense approach to menopause. Pamela talks frankly and honestly about how she took her health into her own hands and shares her tips for us to ponder. From blue screens through cannabis oil to freezing showers, it's all in here.

We hope that you find something that resonates. Remember to consult a qualified health professional before trying any steps mentioned within this episode. Opinions are speakers own. Thank you for listening. Linkage and references:

Pamelas website

Menopause: A change for the better Deborah Garlick. Co-author.

Instagram @pamelawindlehormonecoach 

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Wim Hof Method

Edited by: lil' ol' meeeee.

Artwork: Kareem Arthur

Music: Garden State by Audiobinger

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Be gentle with yourselves won't you?

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