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Menopause Whilst Black

Nov 27, 2020

Karen talks to UK born Australia based Stylist and thrifted fashion expert Julia Browne about accidentally discovering she was in peri-menopause during lockdown. We chat about brain fog, what happened when she consulted her male doctor, the nuances of being black in Australia and and how she has found sisterhood within the Melbourne fashion community. We hope you find something that resonates. Remember to consult a qualified health professional before trying any of the steps mentioned within this episode. Opinions are speaker own. Thank you for listening. Linkage and references: @fashforward_au R U OK Day African American women, menopause and bloating Julias website Instagram @style.shifter Facebook @style.shifterfashion Edited by: Me. Artwork: Kareem Arthur Music: Garden State by Audiobinger Follow @Menopausewhilstblack on Spotify or Instagram and dance to our Menopause Whilst Black Spotify playlist featuring lovely guests favourite tunes! Email but not if you can't be nice. Finally, please subscribe, rate and review over on iTunes so that we can reach the people who need to hear us.