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Menopause Whilst Black

May 8, 2024

Menopause Whist Black Season SIX Episode 7 is here! Our guest this week is Le'Nise Brothers @Eatlovemove. Le'Nise Brothers is a yoga teacher and registered nutritionist with Bahamian and Canadian heritage based in London.

She works with women through their menstruating years, perimenopause, menopause and beyond. She set up her private nutrition practice Eat Love Move to help empower and educate women to understand their bodies, advocate for better healthcare and heal.

Le’Nise is also the host of the @PeriodStorypod, which aims to break taboos around menstrual health, hormones, perimenopause, menopause and beyond. Her first book 'You Can Have A Better Period' was released in March 2022.

We discuss so many topics including:

> her mothers fibroid story.

> parenting her parent.

>The function of the hormone cycle

> How to have a better period during peri-menopause.

> the good vs bad food myth and much more.

Le'Nise left me with a great deal of food for thought (pun intended) - We'd love to know which parts made you think too! This episode is available to watch on YouTube and listen on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and beyond.

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These episodes are conversations between humans discussing their own menopause experiences. They are not a substitute for advice and consultation with a qualified health professional. No two menopause experiences are the same so do remember to do your own research.

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Karen Arthur is a menopause activist and campaigner and host of this podcast plus a new bi-weekly weekend radio show on Golddust radio 'Can We Talk'. Listen to the latest episode on Soundcloud

We recognise that inclusive language is important in ensuring that ALL who experience menopause are seen and heard. The term ‘women’ is used whilst mindful of this.

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