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Menopause Whilst Black

Oct 27, 2023

Welcome to Season 5 of Menopause Whilst Black  the Podcast!

The podcast committed to sharing the stories of Black women* in any stage of menopause, primarily based in the UK.

Founder and host Karen Arthur introduces the eagerly anticipated fifth season of MWB.

Menopause is a transition, can be a challenging stage for many. It can also be a gateway to next wonderful phase of our ageing lives. Season five of Menopause Whilst Black the podcast heralds more diverse stories of hope and information to allow you to advocate for your own menopause care, or that of the people you love and support.

There are 42 episodes and 4 seasons of Menopause Whilst Black the podcast. If you missed them do go back and listen wherever you get your listening pleasure. 

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Karen Arthur is a menopause activist and campaigner and host of this podcast plus a new bi-weekly weekend radio show on Golddust radio 'Can We Talk'. In addition, Karen also hosts The Joy Retreat Barbados, the worlds first retreat for Black women in any stage of menopause. Bookings for April 29th - May 6th 2024 are now open. Visit for more.

*we recognise that inclusive language is important in ensuring that ALL who experience menopause are seen and heard. The term women is used whilst mindful of this.