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Menopause Whilst Black

Nov 22, 2023

Our guest for the first episode of Season Five is Jewellery Creative and founder of eponymous brand AngeB Designs, Angela Benjamin.

West London based Ange (pronounced in one syllable) of Grenadian heritage tells us how she first realised that she was entering peri-menopause in her early fifties and just when the first lockdown began, and the trials that ensued.

Years later, Ange feels that she has a good handle on her own menopause care, thanks to a combination of factors that she shares with honesty.

We discuss,

> physical vs mental symptoms

> Trying to do it all ‘naturally’.

> Fibroids

> To HRT or not to HRT?

>  Releasing food shame.


And much more!


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Karen Arthur is a menopause activist and campaigner and host of this podcast plus a new bi-weekly weekend radio show on Golddust radio'Can We Talk'. Listen to the latest episode on Soundcloud

*We recognise that inclusive language is important in ensuring that ALL who experience menopause are seen and heard. The term ‘women’ is used whilst mindful of this.

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