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Menopause Whilst Black

Apr 10, 2023

In this final episode of Season four Karen Arthur chats with star of stage, screen and radio, actress and Assistant Director Suzette Llewellyn. Suzette, founder of the BiBi crew - the first British comedy troupe to consist entirely of Black actresses. Suzette starred in Eastenders from 2019 to 2021. Having trained at LAMDA she went into television and films. Suzette is a proud West Londoner raised by Jamaican parents. She learned British Sign Language and now advocates for greater accessibility for Deaf particularly in the Theatre. Suzette talks about first feeling disconnected with the world and its noisiness that eventually led to a good friend mentioning peri-menopause. Suzettes openness and awareness of her own body plus a close group of friends sharing their menopause tales helped her to understand more about care specific to her evolving needs.


Book  100 Black Voices On Racism – Suzette Llewellyn and Suzanne Packer

Learn British sign Language  

Socials: Instagram @suzettellewellyn

We hope you find something that resonates. Remember to consult a qualified health professional before trying any of the steps mentioned within this episode. Opinions are speakers own.

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