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Menopause Whilst Black

Mar 9, 2021

In conversation with ...Esther Poyer - Life coach, creative write and writing workshop facilitator. Esther's website Instagram/Twitter @thelivingfruits Etsy shop thelivingfruitsshop Links: Black History Boot Camp @GirlTrek Hot flush magnet Staebroek Market Guyana. We hope you find something that resonates. Remember to consult a qualified health professional before trying any of the steps mentioned within this episode. Opinions are speakers own. Edited by:  Artwork: K Arthur Music: Garden State by Audiobinger Follow @Menopausewhilstblack on Instagram. Dance to our Spotify playlist featuring lovely guests favourite tunes. Email if you're a nice human. Subscribe, rate and review over on iTunes so that we can reach the people who need to hear us. Be gentle with yourself ok? x